Mount Barker Turf Club

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I present my report for the 2020-21 year.
For the first time in almost a decade our club held its full complement of race meetings. This is the benefit of having a race track that is well maintained and in good order for racing. During the year significant improvement was made to the track reticulation system. All sprinklers were replaced and a significant portion of the main pipeline around the track was upgraded. This came a t a cost of approx. $80,000.00, of which the Shire and RWWA between them contributed $38,000.00. The balance was funded by your club. We also contributed to the cost of a new storeroom for the club in the Taylor Dennis pavilion. During the year we employed a permanent part-time assistant groundsman who is responsible for assisting with the track maintenance and other repairs to infrastructure. Along with the efforts of our track curator, this has been a significant factor in the club’s ability to hold all its race meetings.

We are in continuing (along with other members of the Frost Park Users Group) discussions with the Shire on the infrastructure conditions at Frost Park. Some buildings are in need of major restoration. Several ideas have been “floated” but none are yet under substantive consideration.
Our club finances improved dramatically over the year. Our bank balance has grown from $52000.00 to $86,000.00 at year’s end. This is despite the expenditure on capital works and the employment of a part time groundsman. The cash flow benefit of being able to run six race meetings is very significant and important for the future operations and capital works of the club.

Our very successful season has shown the Shire and RWWA that we are a viable club.
However, we need to diligently continue providing a first-class race track for their support to continue.
The success we have had this year occurred due to the efforts of many parties. I would like to thank Mark Bayliss for his management of our race days. Thanks go to RWWA and the Shire for their support financially. Additionally, the Shire has been very supportive in our initiatives and the upgrading of the toilet facilities at Frost Park. Rod Drage, with the help of Kevin Edwards is responsible for the great condition of our track. Rod has spent many hours of his own time in ensuring we had a track to be proud of. Raylene Ross took on many of the duties of a Club Secretary and I thank her for her efforts. Andrew and Wayne Toovey assisted whenever they were available in race day set-up and track renovation works.
Our club appreciates the support of our sponsors during the year. In particular we thank Southern Haulage Industries for their significant contribution as major sponsors for Grapes & Gallops.