By Geoff Whittle. 

First run as the Patriotic Fun Cup over 1¾ miles (converts to 2800 metres), the race became the Mount Barker Cup in 1948.

Since then the running of the cup has seen some great individual performances from both man and beast. Some outstanding horses along with high profile trainers and jockeys have won the race.

Heading the list of cup achievements is that of the late Pingrup trainer Murray Reid who trained four consecutive cup winners between 1968 and 1971. Kefu won back-to-back Cups for the trainer in that sequence while Pikadon took out the race in 1976 to give Reid five wins in the event.

Other great training feats have been Narrikup trainer Don Morton’s four winners and Danny Lalich who prepared three successful cup horses.

Caisceen took two cups on end in 1951/52 and then again in 1955 while Muromoon won consecutively for Albany trainer John Askevold in 1987 and ’88.  Colorado Belle took out the ’94 and ’95 cups in back-to-back wins.

The 1999 winner Turn A Glow was a great feature race campaigner having also won Bunbury and Pinjarra Cups. He carried the heaviest weight in race history to victory in ’99 with 60.5 kilograms.

Popular former race caller Jim Chadwick rode the 1965 winner Prince Astor and outstanding jockey of his time, Keith Watson, regular rider of sprint champ Heron Bridge won the race in 1984 with Beau Conquest.

Local jockeys Jim Lemon and Grant Gibbs won two cups each and the late Glenn Simpson also experienced success.

Shotgun Kid stopped the clock at 2.00.80 in 2005 to establish the race and track record.

Kalgoorlie based jockey Misty Bazeley was the first female rider to win the cup on Monotony Boy in 2001.

“It meant a lot to me to win it. My dad’s family is from down Mt Barker way and I had a lot of relies there that day. It was one of the nicest receptions I’ve ever had following a win. Old Monotony Boy flew the gates and led all the way, the connections were stoked, they were a great bunch of owners,” Bazeley said when asked to reflect on the win.

Bazeley was quickly followed by Elly Dredge on Royal Omen in 2003 and Jessica Valas in 2005 aboard Shotgun Kid as successful female riders in the cup.

Xaarlington won in 2008 for the father-son team of Neville and Brad Parnham.

Mt Barker Cup Winners

1948KerlionJ HopkinsG Kemp8.42.06.00
1949Sea GoldJ CahillA Walkerden9.81.55.00
1950TopmastT BevanR Smith8.91.55.00
1951AgriletaR.G. WoodsL Farrell8.111.55.00
1952CaisceenJ CummingsL Silburn8.132.08.00
1953CaisceenJ CummingsF Browder8.6
1954WhangarieR.G. WoodsL Pearson8.42.09.06
1955CaisceenJ WilliamsB Powell8.122.14.80
1956JondaringM LebeckT Parker8.12.09.50
1957MallandraF.W.A. WarnW Combes7.12.10.50
1958AbsolveH.G.NewbyF Anderton8.122.09.50
1959Nauplia’s PrideJ ParsonsJ Atkins8.12.08.50
1960Channel RedN.O. CarlisleK Sigley8.122.13.00
1961VampingH.G.NewbyD McClymans8.12.10.00
1962OthelloW.B.ShierI Brown82.12.00
1963Prince JasonD.W. HendersonF Scapens8.62.06.50
1964PilmorianK BuswellK Sigley8.22.03.50
1965Prince AstorH.G.NewbyJ Chadwick8.12.05.00
1966Swan GirlL.R.DixonJ Morgan7.92.04.00
1967Channel’s DoubleW.J.RoweT Little7.12.07.00
1968ReracorM ReidR.S. Taylor8.12.21.50
1969WhelarraM ReidS Geyer8.42.22.50
1970KufuM ReidT Lewis7.112.23.00
1971KufuM ReidP.Jackson8.52.23.00
1972Great ChestW.R.HendersonP Duggan8.122.22.00
1973CosneA.J.McDougallT Parker57.52.22.00
1974NiglerW.J.OliverM MacPhilomey511.43.00
1975Fiery CrossG.C.Van EykT Parker552.21.00
1976Pika-DonM ReidJ Lemon512.22.00
1977Her BoyMrs P L SkinnerB Ryan54.42.22.00
1978TruentallanMrs F GammonR Bynder56.52.20.00
1979Majestic WonderP.R. DowlingR Harvey592.23.00
1980Flying Blue PeterK.M TrimbleD Young522.20.10
1981OtherwiseK.M TrimbleR Harvey512.20.10
1982Battle CommanderD.M WhiteA White54.52.06.70
1983Lee RaniP.J. FingerT Finger56.52.08.65
1984Beau ConquestD.J. PetersenK Watson522.05.57
1985Martone LadN.A. ParnhamM Miller55.52.05.99
1986Silver FluteJ.W.LuggC Massey552.06.35
1987MuromoonJ.E. Askevold J Lemon54.52.06.61
1988MuromoonJ.E. Askevold G Gibbs532.02 56
1989Lord’s LuckD.R. PatemanM Pateman562.08.18
1990Ridgewood SpiceD.K.MortonG Gibbs532.02.56
1991Irish MemoirsMrs S W MillerR Hanson512.03.13
1992Cambridge StarD.K.MortonT Jackson58.52.01.74
1993Beau GlowN.R. LeeT Turner50.52.02.68
1994Colorado BelleD LalichJ Berry512.02.36
1995Colorado BelleD LalichD Miller52.52.03.59
1996Isolated DukeD.K.MortonD O’Heare572.02.28
1997Young EinsteinD LalichJ Claite53.52.01.73
1998ApproachingN ParnhamD Miller532.04.62
1999Turn A GlowC JonesJ Oliver60.52.03.25
2000SerzarD MortonM Molloy502.04.09
2001Monotony BoyA McGuinessM Parsons502.03.06
2002Juene’s FantasyS WolfeP Hall532.02.52
2003Royal OmenW BradshawE Dredge522.04.16
2004Special JesterC WolfeD O’Heare54.52.02.86
2005Shotgun KidMrs B.M. DudleyJ Valas53.52.00.80
2006ExchequerL SmithW Pike57.52.04.72
2007Carrallen StormM PatemanD Staeck58.52.03.19
2008XaarlingtonN ParnhamB Parnham542.03.60
2009Viscount CameronMrs A SmithS.McGruddy532.02.38
2010Timely ReignP HunterN Rudland56.52.02.39
2011InsurgencyG DelaneD Staeck562.05.27
2012HibernianA.DurrantP Hall58.52.05.05
2013Imperial CommandMrs H HardingD Staeck542.05.87
2014Finnegans Gold D.MuellerS.McGruddy60.52.03.86
2015MardenA.DurrantP Hall59.52.05.95
2016Ningaloo BlitzD.Pateman J.Casey54.52.05.20
2017Cancelled due to weather
2018BarzinhoChris GangemiJarrad Noske55.52.01.98
2019GaugedTrainer S. WolfeC. Haddon54.52.06.40